Ernest Wilborn
General Partner

With over 21 years experience Ernest Wilborn is the General Partner of Wilborn Steel Co., Ltd.  he is responsible for all plant production, operations, sales, coordinating with other departments and insuring compliance with company policies, procedures, and quality control officer's policies by all plant employees and all subcontracting and coordinating interdepartmental activity.

Mario Moreno
Shipping and Receiving

Mario Moreno has been a team player at Wilborn Steel Co., Ltd. for over five years in purchasing and receiving material with communication on a day by day basis with our projects. 

Joe Gill
Estimator and Engineering Coordinator

Joe Gill is the Estimator and Engineering Coordinator for Wilborn Steel Co., Ltd. Joe has over thirty-seven years experience.

Jorge Posada
Shop Forman

Starting of as painter in 1979 then moving to welding in 1981.  Two years later he became a fitter.  Jorge is currently shop Forman at Wilborn Steel Co., Ltd. 

Jennifer Lee Wilborn

Jennifer is responsible for making sure that Wilborn Steel is up to par with all the AISC codes, by doing the she helps assure that Wilborn Steel produces top quality products.



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